Low Cost Device for Charging Mobile Phone using Another Smartphone

Vaibhav Gupta, Vaibhav Aggarwal, Kiran Sharma, Neetu Sharma


Mobile has been and will always remain one of the best companions for any human being. Mobile phones are considered as the live example of the advancement in technology on a daily basis. This era is marked by our complete dependence on this technology. The growing technology has introduced mobile phone, which plays an important role in communication. Since mobile phones have been made to be with the user all day and to carry out all the basis and high-performance task as per the demand of the user, the batteries need to be charged multiple times during a day. This imposes a burden on the user to carry a power bank while travelling; at times it becomes difficult if the power bank battery also drains out. This paper presents a small technique which may reduce this problem. The major components of the design are a capacitor of 2200 μF at 5.63 V and LED 1.5 V. The experimental data shows that the charging level of a mobile battery of 2100 mAh can be enhanced from 10-19 % in 35 minutes by consuming only 10% of the total energy of the other smart phone of battery 4000 mAh. Another experimental data shows that the charging level of a mobile battery of 2000 mAh can be enhanced from 14-37 % in 60 minutes by consuming only 20% of the total energy of the other smart phone of battery 4000 mAh. This low cost and simple designed USB On-the-Go (OTG) extension can now replace the necessity of carrying a power bank while travelling, which is expensive as compared to the above proposed technique as well.

Citation: Gupta, V., Aggarwal, V., Sharma, K., and Sharma, N. (2018). Low Cost Device for Charging Mobile Phone using Another Smartphone. Trends in Renewable Energy, 4, 77-82. DOI: 10.17737/tre.2018.4.3.0056


Mobile to mobile; Charging; On the Go (OTG); Low cost; Cable; Overcharging; Safe

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17737/tre.2018.4.3.0056


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