IoT Based Smart Solar Flower Water Pump System

Bhushan Harihar Band, A D Ingole


The electric demand of the countries is increasing day by day and the available resources are quite insufficient to fulfill this demand. The reasons are that the conventional energy resources are diminishing and available with finite sources. Due to these reasons, the solar power is one of the promising alternatives that is easily available, pollution free and having higher operating life. The solar system also provides higher operating efficiency for the load, and the cost of the solar panel is minimum. To improve the switching technology used for the power conversion, we presented a smart flower system powered by photovoltaic panels that could supply standalone AC/DC load. In this system, solar panels produce a direct current, which can be converted into AC by the converter and used in home, industrial and agriculture applications. The output of the panels depends on the direction of sun's rays (solar energy), and the solar photovoltaic cell converts the solar energy into useful electrical energy. The aim of this paper is to develop the solar photovoltaic generation system based on a standard power electronics cell for micro industrial, commercial, home as well as agriculture applications. The proposed system is capable to provide protection from wind and rain, thereby the efficiency of the solar panels will increase. The generation of the electricity is more with trackers than stationary counterparts due to direct exposure to sun's rays. This increase can be as much as 25% depending upon the geographic location of the tracking system. The generated output voltage can be used for various purposes, and we used the store energy to run an agriculture water pump by using the internet of things (IoT). 

Citation: Band, B. H., and Ingole, A. D. (2019). IoT Based Smart Solar Flower Water Pump System. Trends in Renewable Energy, 5, 229-236. DOI: 10.17737/tre.2019.5.3.0098


Solar Flower; Energy Generation; IoT; Water Pump; Motor; Solar Tracker

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