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Recently, the journal site received a large number of registration requests from spam users every day.Therefore, the management decided to close new user registration during the Christmas and New Year holidays.Registration closure does not affect the submission of manuscripts by old users.New users can directly submit the manuscript via email to Happy Christmas and New Year!  
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Another simultaneous submission identified


A recent submission "Application of Geographic Information System to select Dam Location for Hydropower" has been identified as a simultaneous submission, which has been published by another publisher at Due to this unethical academic behavior, we regret to inform the authors that this manuscript has been rejected for publication.

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Simultaneous submission issues

 The editorial office has encountered two incidents in which the authors submitted their manuscript to multiple journals at the same time. This type of behavior is called simultaneous submission or concurrent submission, which is considered unethical. This kind of behavior will greatly waste the time and effort of reviewers and editors. At the same time, it is possible that the same manuscript will be published by multiple journals. In the end, even if such articles are published, they will be withdrawn by the editor in time. The authors can only submit their manuscript to one journal at the same time.  
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Vol 6 (2020): Current Publications

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Jiayi Li, Yinhang Qu, Yu Gong, Changyan Yang, Bohan Yang, Peng Liu, Yigang Ding
Athanasios G. Lazaropoulos
Issam Shabani, Mohammad Chaaban